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The Canonization of Saints is the process used by the Roman Catholic Church of recognizing those persons who have lived exemplary lives suitable of identifying them as Christian Saints.

The process of an individual being declared a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. The process has evolved and bureaucratized over time into a multi-stage study of the life, writings, and after-life (miracles) of the candidate.

The process involves several steps, including Beatification and the last is Canonization.

The 1983 reform of the Roman Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law has streamlined the procedure considerably.

This usage, canonization, is usually separated from the idea of the formalization of the list of writings accepted by a religious group as inspired or by a cultural group as centrally important for study; the phrase used to describe that process is usually "canon formation" (see Canon, Biblical canon).

Partial list of canonized saints:

Not to be confused with Wiki Canonization.