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Hi, Carey. Nice to see a kiwi around to keep the Ozzies in place. Spoilers are an interesting issue (and a divisive one too!) around here. Have a flick around Wikipedia contains spoilers, Twelve Monkeys etc for a rough idea of what the issues are! sjc

It's going to be difficult - there seem to be an awful lot of them here! I probably won't touch spoilers again for a while. At that time I'd read Be bold in updating pages but didn't know about Wikipedia contains spoilers. I still don't really believe that particular spoiler is necessary... --C
Hmmm. Perhaps it's the attitude that spoilers shouldn't be put in an article unless necessary that I really objected to. My personal philosophy (and this isn't something that's been explicitly stated yet really) is that whether something is or is not a spoiler shouldn't really be any criterion for deciding what does or doesn't go into a wikipedia entry (with the obvious proviso of adding a spoiler warning if appropriate). Look, if you want to get rid of that last sentence in the Buffy article, on reflection it doesn't really contribute all that much to the article. I just disagree with the attitude that spoilers should be something we add with care. --Robert Merkel
Having only known about Wikipedia for less than a week now, I'm inclined to just drop the matter, and reconsider it when I get a better feel for the place. --C
I don't recall anyone arguing that spoilers should only be added if absolutely necessary, only that the articles should have a warning for the benefit of people stumbling on the site and not recognizing it as an encyclopedia...? --KQ
I wasn't trying to argue that, either, it was just a spot of public whinging for which I hereby apologise. The article has had a spoiler warning added, and I'm happy to leave it at that. --C
I didn't think you did. It was Robert Merkel's comment above: "Perhaps it's the attitude that spoilers shouldn't be put in an article unless necessary that I really objected to." But whatever.  :-) --KQ