Carmen Electra

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Carmen Electra is an American singer, model, television personality and actress. She was born in Cinncinnati, Ohio on April 20, 1972. Her given name was Tara Leigh Patrick.

In 1992, Electra moved to Los Angeles and within one week met singer Prince. Soon after, she signed a recording contract with Paisley Park Records, Prince's company. Her singing success was both minimal and short lived.

But in 1995, Electra started appearing in television programs such as Nickelodeon's 'All That', and over the next couple of years, she played an increasing role as a television personality on various shows on MTV. Soon after, she appeared in Playboy.

She has appeared in some moderately decent films, such as The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, and the horror spoof Scary Movie.

Electra achieved considerable notoriety during her on-again, off-again marriage to basketball star Dennis Rodman.