Carol Flyzik

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Carol Flyzik (19XX-September 11, 2001) was a registered nurse, but was employed as supervisor of marketing for Meditech, Inc. in Framingham, Massachusetts at the time of her death.

She died at age 40 in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on board American Airlines flight 11.

She was on her way to Los Angeles to give a series of product demonstrations.

She was survived by her life partner of almost 13 years, Nancy Walsh, and their three children. Carol and Nancy met while working in the same hospital emergency room, but Ms. Walsh was married at the time, and their relationship began as friendship. After Ms. Walsh divorced, the two began a loving relationship which was to last until Carol's death. Ms. Walsh had three children from her marriage, which the couple raised jointly to adulthood.

Carol Flyzik was an active human rights advocate, and a member of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest gay and lesbian civil rights organization in the United States. Ms. Walsh said, "[s]he was just a wonderful human being who wanted people to accept her for who she was."

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