Catalan language

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Catalan is a Romance language spoken by some 7-8 million people, in Catalonia (Spain), north Catalonia (France), the Valencian Country and the Balearic Islands (all these also known as the Catalan Countries). It is also spoken in the Sardinian city of l'Alguer (Alghero).

The phonemes of Catalan:


/p, b/

/t, d/

/k, g/


/tS, dZ/ tx, tg

/ts, dz/ ts, tz


/m, n, n_j/ m, n, ny


/f, s, S, z, Z/ f,s, x, z, j also /v/, v in the valencian dialect


/l, l_j/ l, l.l; ll

/r, R/

There is a Catalan Wikipedia.

(Also, we need a good English-language article about Catalan langauge here.)