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As a speaker of American English, I think making the main entry of this topic "Cereal" rather than "Grain" is very wrong.

"Grain" is what grows on plants. "Cereal" is what gets poured into breakfast bowls.

(I am expecting AV, proponent of "'correct' is 'what people actually use'", to leap to my defense here. :-) )

Well I too speak American English, but I chose to make cereal the name of the entry based on an informal survey of written usage (academic and statistical), where "cereal" seems to predominate. Also this is established usage on Wikipedia: the CIA World Factbook stat sheets that have been copied by the dozens into country entries all refer to "cereals" not "grain".
For what it's worth, my US English dictionary gives grassy seed crops as the primary definition of "cereal" and defines "grain" as small seeds, not necessarily of grasses.
Of course there is room for debate here ;-).
I've revised the article to include some definitions and breakfast cereal. Hopefully that makes the situation clear.
-- hajhouse