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Articles that can be copied to the Nupedia Chalkboard

If you spot an article here on Wikipedia that is of exceptionally high quality and covers all important points of the subject, you might want to enlist it on this page. It should stay here for a short time, so that it can be "fine-tuned", if necessary. If someone thinks the article is not yet ready to go, please state why not. Once the article is "ready to go", the article will be copied to the chalkboard, crediting those Wikipedians who can be tracked down and properly credited as the initial authors. Generally speaking, the Chalkboard's management wants you to try your best to determine authorship, or some of the authorship, before copying to the Chalkboard. For details of the following process, please see the Nupedia Chalkboard.

Actually, don't do any of that. The Nupedia Chalkboard says:

The future of the chalkboard is uncertain. Most probably it is to be discontinued. For the time being, please do not put any more articles here. If you like, try Wikipedia instead.