Chardonnay socialist

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A derogatory Australian term roughly equivalent to the American limousine liberal. Usually used by those on the right of politics, it describes those on the political left with comfortable middle-class (or better) incomes, tertiary education, and a taste for the finer things in life (chardonnay is a style of white wine).

It should be noted that the charge of "socialism" is not nearly as loaded a term in Australia, which has a long tradition of state paternalism under both conservative and socialist governments that only began to change in the 1980's, ironically under the leadership of the Labor government of Bob Hawke.

Such a charge is regularly levelled at the supporters of the failed republic referendum of 1999 (where the vote was split not along conventional party lines but very much along socioeconomic divides, with the rich overwhelmingly supporting the change while the less well-off were opposed - a superficially bizarre pattern for a non-economic issue), as well as supporters of continued government funding for the arts, free tertiary education, and the ABC, in which critics using the term suggest that such funding is "middle-class welfare".