Cheddar cheese

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Cheddar cheese was originally made in the town of Cheddar, England. Cheddar is produced in Great Britain, Canada, the United States of America, New Zealand, and Australia.

Cheddar is also used to refer to a group of hard aged cheeses. Cheeses such as Gloucester, Cheshire, Leicester, Stilton, Lancashire, Derby, Wensleydale, French Cantal and Caerphilly all belong to the Cheddar family. Cheddaring refers to an additional step in the production of cheddar-style cheese where the curd is cut into cubes, stacked and turned.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture uses three measures to track the dairy industry: milk, butter and 40 pound blocks of cheddar, reporting the prices and production weekly.

Cheddar cheese is matured for varying amounts of time: the longer it's matured, the stronger the flavour. It's often sold with labels such as "mild", "medium", "sharp", "tasty", "mature", "extra sharp", "extra mature" etc.

According to the Aardman Animations' cartoon characters Wallace and Grommitt , the moon is made of cheddar cheese. This in itself is a perpetuation of an extremely old and persevering English folk myth, frequently related to gullible youngsters, which made and still to this day makes similar assertions.

White House historians aver that U.S. president Andrew Jackson held an open house party where a 1,400 pound block of cheddar cheese was served as refreshment.

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