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Cheese is a foodstuff made from the fermented milk of various animals including: cows, goats, sheep, water buffalo (and probably many more). It is traditionally popular with mice (see Tom and Jerry for a good exemplification of this cliché), and is frequently used to bait traps.

Cheddar family

A group of hard aged cheeses which undergo cheddaring during production: see Cheddar cheese for details.

Caerphilly cheese
Cheddar cheese
Cheshire cheese
Derby cheese
French Cantal cheese
Gloucester cheese
Lancashire cheese
Leicester cheese
Stilton cheese
Wensleydale cheese

Other types of cheese include:

Smoked Austrian cheese
Bel paese cheese
Bres bleu cheese
Brie cheese
Bruson cheese
Camembert cheese
Carrier de lest cheese
Case ness cheese
Colby cheese
Danish brew cheese
Dorset bluveny cheese
Double Goucester cheese
Duncan Drake Bleu cheese
Edam cheese
Ementhal cheese
Feta cheese
Gorgonzola cheese
Gouda cheese
Gruyere cheese
Halloumi cheese
'Illchester cheese
Jarlsburg cheese
Limburger cheese
Lipta cheese
Mascarpone cheese
Meistermitz cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Paper Cramer cheese
Parmesan cheese
Paulin cheese
Pinconning cheese
Pol le Veq cheese
Port Salut cheese
Red Windsor cheese
Roquefort cheese
Saint cheese
Savoy aire cheese
Smoked cheese
St. Joseph Sweet cheese
Tilsit cheese
Washington Valley Swiss cheese
White Stilton cheese
Yardelsburg cheese
Cornish Yarg cheese

Considering the demographic reality of what types of people use the Internet most, you know that a reference to Monty_Python's Cheese store skit belongs here, at least as a link to the page on Monty_Python's Flying Circus. RK