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Er, please, this is a prime area where some disambiguation is going to be required. If you are creating a link to Cheddar this is going to point to the town of Cheddar which is quite historically significant, home to the Cheddar caves, the interesting pre-Roman Cheddar Man, the bike-race which is the Cheddar Challenge, etc, etc, if you follow my drift... Cheddar cheese should really be referenced as Cheddar cheese. Then all that is required is a simple link in Cheddar itself. This applies to all cheese names where the cheese has a place name. This will become even more of an issue with the new improved PHP version of Wiki where disambiguation can be qualified by e.g. bracketing. sjc

According to the naming conventions, we should use the most common form of a word, for linking purposes etc. So adding the word cheese to every kind of cheese violates this convention. When I want to write about brie, I will call it brie and not brie cheese, for example. So the page about brie should be at Brie. Disambiguating can be done later, only as the need arises. I'll wait to change the links in case anyone wants to argue the point. - Tim