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Nice start on this entry.  :-)

I want to add to list of places but my knowledge of New York sites is very shakey:

  • Radio City Music Hall

I need to do a lot more on the history, at a minimum, including Tammany Hall, Fiorello LaGuardia, the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, immigration and Ellis Island, and the subway system. Vicki Rosenzweig

Could someone please explain how do New York City boroughs differ from New York State counties? Are they just different names for the one entity, or do the county and borough have different administrative structures? What administrative structures does each borough have? Is the mayor of NYC mayor of all five boroughs? If so, what are the leaders of each individual boroughs called? Mayors also? -- SJK

I've added a brief explanation of boroughs as counties. Let me know what you think. -- Vicki Rosenzweig