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I suppose I really should introduce myself. I lecture in Religious Studies at the University of South Africa. I'll probably concentrate on Eastern religions and philosophies, but I may pop up elsewhere ... and usually do.

Depending on which browser I'm using, I may show up on Recent changes as

Dr Michel Clasquin /

(later) Damn, this stuff is addictive!

/Stuff I've worked on

Welcome, Clasqm!

I've noticed that you've contributed a lot of meaty articles on Eastern religions already (Hinduism, Sikhism and more). My first reaction when seeing a new person who writes a lot of good stuff really fast is to use Google to see whether the material might have been copied from another source (which happens sometimes). But your stuff has passed that test! So I am doubly impressed!

Larry Sanger

Would you be less impressed if you knew that this is basically pre-prepared stuff from which I give my lectures? I wrote it myself so there shouldn't be copyright problems. More coming. vClasqm

I know that I'm not less impressed. I look forward to seeing more. And welcome! -- STG

Same here. Welcome.  :-) --KQ

Welcome, Dr. Claquin. Have you happened across Gerrit Wolfaart or Pastor Kirk Cottrell in the Christian community of South Africa? <>< tbc

No, I haven't, sorry - clasqm