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History graduate considering transferring to computer science or a similar field. I have an infrequently updated web site at

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Substantial content:

I also keep an eye on historical anniversaries for entries that need updating. My main starting points for these come from the calendar data included with the bsdmainutils package in Debian, and periodic postings from Poor Gabriel's Almanac.

Wikipedia has got me hooked on other wikis now. I frequently check the following:

(These links make use of MeatBall:InterWiki.)

Hmm, I don't have any principled opinion for or against subpages, but things are getting a little messy here...


yay, Claudine! I love finding someone else with a side-obsession (anniveraries). Mine is the biography page. --MichaelTinkler

Indeed - it means stumbling on articles I might never have considered otherwise.

I changed every appropriate link from Augustine to Augustine of Hippo. It wasn't bad, but doing this will get worse as the wikipedia gets larger. I might have just added a link to Augustine of Canterbury at the top of the Augustine page, and been done with it... This is better, but it sure is more work. Hopefully we'll get better at naming conventions as we go on. Anyway, just wanted to say hi. MRC

Hi Mark, and thanks! I'm guessing (optimistically) that there won't be too many cases like Augustine of major saints with the same name. John, Francis and perhaps Ignatius may have the same issues but right now I can't think of others.

Hi Claudine - it's great to meet another Aussie. Simon is the other one I know of so far, he's already created the Wikipedians/Australians page. Cheers - Manning

Looks like today's a big day for Aussies finding each other here. -- Bignose

Hi! I wonder how many LinuxChix there are here anyway? ;-) --Dmerrill

Hey Claudine, I've noticed you've been calling yourself ClaudineChionh (that's you, right?). Is Chionh your surname, your nickname or what? Whatever it is, it is a very interesting name, and I was wondering where it comes from. -- SJK

Yup, that's me. I decided Claudine was a bit vague for a username and I've been signing myself ClaudineChionh on other wikis that use bumpy case. Chionh appeared in my family in Singapore two generations ago as a bizarre romanisation of the Chinese character Jiang. I haven't found a satisfactory explanation for this yet.