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Cliff is the author of the UseMod wiki clone. He is also a winner of the Third Annual Obfuscated Perl contest. See his home page on Meatball for more information. He can be contacted at

Cliff has always loved encyclopedias, and is glad he could help a little with this effort.

CliffordAdams is a hero to me for helping us with this project, and for his excellent software. --Jimbo Wales

Hey, Cliff, on the announcements page you threw out a couple of neat searches. I looked through the UseModWiki, though, and couldn't find a list of them anywhere. Is there any documentation for these nifty features? --Josh Grosse

The UseModWiki documentation is still rather minimal. In the case of the searches you mentioned (searching by length), I just thought of them a few days ago. In the current release (0.91) searches are simply case-insensitive Perl regular expressions. (Future releases will probably add more options like faster link-only and title-only searches.) After the next release I hope to coordinate a community effort to write more documentation (probably using a documentation wiki). --CliffordAdams (Development of UseModWiki has been much slower than expected, but some people have started writing documentation on the main UseModWiki site [1].)

Cliff, Magnus Manske needs help decoding the Wikipedia data tarball for MySQL on the test software he is running at It would be greatly appreciated if you could point out the data structures for those of us who are not the perl experts (actually Magnus and I are novices in that area). Thanks, mike dill

See [2] for some code to extract the text from wiki .db files.

Just curious...did Clifford dissapear? or is he just on e-mail contact? --AN

I haven't disappeared, but I haven't had much time for reading Wikipedia recently. Email is definitely the best way to contact me--I might not notice changes to this page. --CliffordAdams