Colin dellow

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Resident of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

I like to tinker with programming, which probably stems from an interest in all languages, binary or not. Wikipedia's a great concept and one to which I hope I can offer something, especially in the area of Canada and British Columbia.

Currently working on creating a useful stub entry for all the PMs in Canada/Prime Ministers and then hopefully expanding said stub entries into a medium length article on the PM. See John A Macdonald for the medium length article idea and John Joseph Caldwell Abbot for a stub entry.
Actually, configuring and playing with my new installation of Linux will probably prevent me from updating them until the fall. :(

Hi Colin. The CRTC will be pleased to see more Canadian content. :) When I created the list of Prime Ministers, I fully intended to make stub articles for each one. Let's just say I'm glad you came along... -- STG

5Aug01. Colin, I haven't been able to reach your host site for the last couple of days, so I can't send you e-mail. I wanted to let you know that I knew about the shortcomings of blocking software, but thanks for describing some examples. Thanks especially for the pointer to <>< tbc