Colleges and universities

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The alphabetical listing is from the Christina DeMello's pages at (don't worry, using the information there simply to form an alphabetical listing is not a copyright violation). All the school names are linked, and the accented characters that UseModWiki hates have been stripped out. However, there's still much more to do (please help!):

  • Many of the university names are not currently approriate Wikipedia links. The is a lot of illegal punctuation (parenthesis, apostrophies, etc) that must be removed. For example, say we have an entry named [[Saint John's College]]. It should be edited to look like this: [[Saint Johns College|Saint John's College]].
  • There are many non-English schools that should have the accented characters inserted in a similar manner: [[Abo Akademi University]] should become [[Abo Akademi University|Åbo Akademi University]].
  • Each school should have its city and conutry listed next to link. I know darn well you Americans are going to list the city and state for American schools, but c'est la vie. For schools that have the same names, the city should be included in the link (for example, [[American University, Cairo]] and [[American University, Paris]]
  • The data from the /OldList should be integrated.
  • Schools that aren't in the list should be added, and those that no longer exist or have changed their names should be removed (and relisted as necessary).
  • A navigation aid needs to be added (such as a header and footer with links to the other listing pages).
  • Write articles about your favourite universities! There's a lot to cover!


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