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A very good "College and University" list can be found at which was built up by Christina DeMello in 1995. I'll contact her to ask her if

  • we are allowed to copy her list to this project
  • if she is willing to help us on building up this list here at wikipedia.

Tobias Hoevekamp

There's no reason why we can use the list data itself. It's simply an alphabetical listing of colleges and universities, which cannot be put under copyright. As long as we don't make an exact copy of her layout, we can import the list. -- STG

What do other people think of reorganizing this in a roughly hierarchical format, such as Country->State or Province->City->Institution? It makes more sense to me than a flat alphabetical list. -- Claudine

Very good idea. --css

There's nothing to say we can't do both an alphabetical and a geographical index. if I was looking one up by name, I may not know where the university physically is. Like National University, doesn't exactly tell me that it is in San Diego California....

I would think the browser's 'find in page' facility would obviate the need for a flat alphabetical list.

I've organised the list by country at Claudine/Demo - perhaps it doesn't need further subdivision at this stage.

I think it looks much nicer. It'll encourage people to list the universities near them. --DanKeshet

Part of the point of wiki is that we can have multiple indexing schemes on whatever set of pages.

Thanks for the comments so far. I'm still not sure how multiple indexing schemes would be implemented. I've added a Colleges_and_universities/ByCountry subpage, but this means people adding a university have to add it to two pages. Is there a better way? I still have a lot to learn about wiki concepts. --Claudine

Yes, it means someone would have to add it to two pages. I suppose what we really need is, as well as the wiki, some auxiliary databases, of things like unis, people, etc., and then to get multiple category schemes just run different reports on the databases... everyone will probably say my idea is too far-fetched though... Anyway, hi Claudine. -- Simon J Kissane

I've taken the raw list data from DeMello's pages and wikified it. I'll be putting it up within the next day or so, but I'm going to need help editing. I currently have it organized in a separated alphabetical list and by country. -- STG

Thank you to STG for beefing up the list! I think Simon's idea (hi Simon!) has some potential but does anyone have any idea how it could be put in practice? For the time being I think new schools should still be added to both the main (alphabetical) and geographical ones.

Magnus Manske is currently working on new Wikipedia software (tentatively named Pediawiki). It is a wiki script written in PHP that would interact with an SQL database. So, a database-driven Wikipedia is in the works, but it might be a while.

For now, I think the alphabetical and by country lists are the way to go. I have the large alphabetical list divided upby country as well, but it needs a little work before I post it. It might be a bit of a nightmare to maintain both, but if at least three of us work on it, we can give it a go. -- STG

Do we really want a Wikipedia entry for every college and university in the world? There are 3000 or so just in the United States (sorry to be US-centric, but I don't have even ballpark numbers for other countries).

If we're going to do this, though, we should do it right--there's no point to entries that contain nothing but a link to the school's homepage. -- Vicki Rosenzweig

Yep, that's what I'm aiming for, anyway: an article for every college and university in the world. It's going to take a while... --STG