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The content below is from an article entitled "Computer Science." Perhaps some of this should be incorporated in the main text. -- Janet Davis


I've deleted the old computer science page that had been moved to /Talk here. It contained major errors, and really shouldn't be incorporated into the main text. -LC

I'd like to write a bit more in detail about computability theory (e.g. primitive recursive functions, recursive functions, the equivalence between various models of computability, etc). This page touches on these topics, but seems to be more about the general senses of the word "computation". Does anyone see a problem with moving some of the content out to seed another page on computability theory proper? --Wmorgan

No, not at all, as I suppose you are going to do heavy linking from here to your new page(s). In fact that's a very nice idea. Here to have an overview and then be able to move on to details. I as well like the idea of having a page on Models of computation. Go ahead! Hannes Hirzel