Constantius II

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Constantius II was the most gifted of the three sons of Constantine I the Great and Fausta.

He was born in Illyricum and named Caesar (Junior Emperor). When his father died in 337 AD he was the leading individual in the massacre of family members. He ruled the Eastern section of the Empire but when Constantine II died trying to overthrow Constans in Italy he turned his attention to the West.

Following the death of Constantine II in 340 AD Constantius IIand Constans ruled the empire until 350 AD when Constans was killed in battle with the usurper Magnentius.

Constantine II eventually met and crushed Magnentius in battle at Mursa Major, one of the bloodiest battles in Roman history, in 351 AD. Magnentius committed suicide in 353 AD leaving Constantine II sole master of the Roman Empire.

Constantius II died from a fever while campaigning near Tarsus on October 5th in 361 AD. He believed strongly in the christian heresy of arianism.

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