Cow tipping

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Cow tipping is a recreational activity in certain entertainment-starved rural areas. It involves approaching a sleeping cow and knocking it over, an act that is possible because cows sleep standing up. Necessarily, cow tipping is a nocturnal activity. Because of the risk to the cow, it is a crime in many communities.

The trick to a successful cow tip is to approach the cow without waking it. To do this it is best to cow tip on a dark night. One should also approach the cow into the wind, as this muffles any noise you make. One should choose a field with few cows, since this minimizes the chances of a cow being awake; if one cow senses you, it may wake up all the rest. It is best to avoid fields where bulls are present, lest you gain a listing on the Darwin Awards.

In order to tip the cow, use your body weight to push against the side of the cow. Pushing against the front or rear of the cow is not likely to result in a successful tip. If you are a beginner, start with a small cow.

Once the cow is tipped, it will wake, and will also wake all the other cows in the field with its mooing. If the other cows are unduly startled, a stampede may ensue. For this reason it is advisable to depart immediately after your cow is tipped, unless you are sure no other cows are present.

You may very well injure the cow by tipping it. Cow tipping is seen by some as an act of cruelty. It is also a violation of the farmer's property rights. Cow tipping is risky because cows can kill a person with their kick.

Another variation of the game is to drive out to a field with someone you don't necessarily like. When that person climbs the fence to go tip the cow, you drive off, leaving him standing alone in a field with a cow, feeling stupid.

In the film Heathers, a couple of jocks are depicted engaging in the act of cow tipping. Given the tone and tenor of the film, it is only a matter of time before they meet their just desserts.