Cult film

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The definition of cult film, which crosses a wide section of film genres including art movies, horror, science fiction, blaxploitation, off-the-wall musicals, kung fu films and world cinema, and which is largely conditioned by the relationship of the audience to the film, is necessarily a self-defeating process. The construction of meaning within the cult film text, and the nature and epistemology of cult film (and also its audiences), however, are now studied academically.

An instance of how cults differ between societies include the instance of the British comedy film actor Norman Wisdom who was a cult icon in Albania during the years of Communism under Enver Hoxha, at a time when his family-friendly style almost certainly ensured that 'cult' would be the last term on earth to be applied to him in the West. Curiously he and his films are now acquiring nostalgic cult status in Britain.

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