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I assume something should be said on Cultural movement about the Enlightenment. However, I personally have no idea what.  :-)

Any takers? (27 September 2001)

  • See also periodization.
  • Consider moving or copying the style lists into respective genres, once the genre pages exist.
  • Article's generalizations seem to be compatible with high school world history texts.
  • Renaissance shouldn't be called the "golden age of theater and architecture".
  • It is "tricky" to pick date ranges for the various "renaissances" in different areas.

Actually, I think the most "tricky" part about this article is that there is very little info offered about cultural movements in non-Western cultures? Granted, I'm no expert on the subject (and will reluctantly admit to having not adequately studied in this area of sociology/anthropology) but I feel pretty certain similar movements of cultural change could be ID'd in other areas of the world at other time periods. The spread of Buddhism throughout India & SE Asia perhaps? The cultural effects of industrialization in Japan (or would that qualify as cultural imperialism?). Or how about the addition of horses to the lifestyles & societies of the indigenous peoples of the American Great Plains? (21 Ocotober 2001)