Cypress Hill

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Most popular Latin rap crew, composed of members B Real (Louis Freese) (Mexican/Cuban), Sen Dog (Senén Reyes)(Cuban), DJ Muggs (Lawrence Muggerud) (Italian American) and since 1994 percussionist Eric Bobo. Muggs, when asked about the new member, said: "As Latinos we thought it would be a good idea to build in some of this Latin Jazz Flavor." (quote from Cypress Hill, who hail from "South Gate" (South Central LA) were the first rappers fighting for the legalization of Marijuana. They also crossed over into the rock market, Sen Dog founded a rapcore outfit named SX10, and B Real also founded Psycho Realm. In the beginning, Cypress basically made straight up hardcore hip hop, rather atypical of the west coast, described by Rolling Stone as a synthesis out of the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. On "III" their sound got more typical of the west coast, i.e. more like Gangsta rap, but "Skull and Bones" was again more east coast on the A side and crossovers into the rock market on the B side (i.e. second CD).

Language-wise English with a few Spanish (especially Chicano) words is used on most tracks. The first album also featured the strictly bilingual ode to bilingualism, "Latin Lingo" and the all-Spanish x rated track "Tres equis". They returned to Spanish with their Greatest Hits collection "Los grandes éxitos en español", co-written (translated) by Mellow Man Ace.


1991 - Cypress Hill

1993 - Black Sunday

1995 - III Temples of Boom

1998 - IV

1999 - Los grandes éxitos en español

2000 - Skull and bones

2000 - Live at the Fillmore


Here's the first stanza from "Latin Lingo":

Freak to the funk that no one else is bringin (yeah)

Sen Dog with the funky bilingual

Yea that's the nombre heard that homie

Peace to Mellow and Frost en el deporte

Sen Dog is not a kid a veterano I'm down another proud Hispano

One of the many of the Latins de este año

And I got plenty for the jennies trying to hound yo

But wait they're clowning on me cause of my language

Ha ha ha ha ha

I have to tell them straight up it's called Spanglish

Now who's on the pinga the gringo

Trying to get paid from the funky bilinguals

Latin lingo baby funky bilinguals

(Yeah funky bilinguals)

Latin lingo baby funky bilinguals

(It's the Latin lingo)


nombre = name

en el deporte = in the sport

de este año = of this year

jennies ['dZeniz] = girls

pinga = dick

Is reprinting the lyrics above considered fair use? what do you mean? - wathiik