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Dance is a rhythmic movement of the human body to music. There are an almost infinite number of dances, in hundreds of different cultures.

One basic distinction among dances (in the modern era) is between improvised, informal dance, on the one hand, which takes no formal training and is mostly a form of courting or Recreation; and, on the other, Ritual forms of dance which have been formalized and refined into specific genres. (In earlier eras, i.e. before the 1950s, many forms of courting and recreational dance were quite formalized and refined.)

These genres include:

Ballroom Dance -- Belly Dance -- Swing Dance -- Jazz Dance -- Modern Dance -- Folk Dance -- Scottish Country Dance -- Morris Dance -- Ballet Dance -- Square Dance -- Tap Dance -- Free-Form Spontaneous Dance, like Barefoot Boogie and Dance Jam

Historical dance forms: Medieval dance --Renaissance Dance -- Baroque dance -- Colonial American dance -- Regency dance -- Vintage dance

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