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Dave is busy bringing a Usemod wiki to life at his employer. He can be reached at draftery@ici.net . When the weather in the North East gets warm, Dave likes to dabble in the garden. He can also be seen flying through the air when he is doing Aikido.

I do have a question about how Usemod wiki scales up. How many pages does this site now have and has the search capability showed any signs of slowing down with a large number of pages? - dr

Please see Wikipedia Announcements for some recent statistics (and how to check them yourself). So far, I personally have noticed a very slight slowdown in search results. I believe CliffordAdams or perhaps someone else like Jimbo Wales is planning to write a search program in a more efficient language than the one we're using. I don't know the details and they do, so I'll shut up now.  :-)

Anyway, welcome! The gardening articles are great! --Larry Sanger

Yes, we are noticing some slowdown of the search function. As I understand it, it basically greps the entire site. Works great for small sites, but will not scale, for sure.

I do have a (vague!) plan to make a more efficient search function, and I'll submit the patches to CliffordAdams, but not, as Larry thought, "in a more efficient language".  :-) It's all perl, which is the only thing I'm good at, anyway.