David Charlebois

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David Charlebois (19XX-September 11, 2001) was a pilot for American Airlines.

He died at age 39 in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack on board American Airlines flight 77.

He was serving as copilot on that flight.

He was survived by his life partner of 14 years, Tom Hay, and his parents who live in Front Royal, Virginia. He attended Catholic services with his parents until his death.

David helped carry the banner for the National Gay Pilots Association in the Millenium March on Washington in 2000, marching in uniform. After walking the parade route, he walked it again with the Gay and Lesbian Employees of American Airlines (GLEAM), saying that he wished to support the gay flight attendants who had supported him in coming out as a gay pilot. He also helped raise money for the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.

Paul Poux, son of a State Department official and a childhood friend since the seventh grade, recalls that Charlebois had a love of Paris since the two were children there together. "He would say that when he was on his deathbed he didn't want to regret not making that last trip over there."

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