David Mamet

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David Alan Mamet is a playwright, screenwriter, director and poet born in Chicago, Illinois on November 30, 1947. Educated at Goddard College and a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company Mamet first gained acclaim for a trio of off-Broadway plays in 1976, The Duck Variations, Sexual Preversity in Chicago, and American Buffalo. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for Glengarry Glen Ross. His work is characterized by strong male characters and their tough posturings, charged verbal confrontations, playful plots overturning conventions and rhythmically profane dialogue. His first screenplay was the 1981 production of The Postman Always Rings Twice based upon James M. Cain's novel. He was given an Academy Award nomination for his next script, The Verdict. In 1987 Mamet made an impressive directing debut with House of Games which starred his then-wife, Lindsay Crouse, and a host of longtime stage associates. He remains a prolific writer and director often calling upon a standard of repertoire of stage actors for his films including William H. Macy, Joe Mantegna, Lindsay Crouse, Rebecca Pidgeon and Ricky Jay. He has published two novels, The Village in 1994 and The Old Religion in 1997. He has also written several non-fiction texts as well as a number of poems and children's stories.


  • Heist (2001)[Director] [Writer]
  • Hannibal (2001)[Writer]
  • Catastrophe (2000)[Director]
  • Lakeboat (2000)[Writer]
  • State and Main (2000)[Director] [Writer]
  • Winslow Boy, The (1999)[Director] [Writer]
  • Ronin (1998)[Writer]
  • Wag the Dog (1997)[Writer]
  • Spanish Prisoner, The (1997)[Director] [Writer]
  • Edge, The (1997)[Writer]
  • American Buffalo (1996)[Writer]
  • Oleanna (1994)[Director] [Writer]
  • Vanya on 42nd Street (1994)[Writer]
  • Hoffa (1992)[Writer] [Producer]
  • Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)[Writer]
  • Homicide (1991)[Director] [Writer]
  • We're No Angels (1989)[Writer]
  • Things Change (1988)[Director] [Writer]
  • House of Games (1987)[Director] [Writer]
  • Untouchables, The (1987)[Writer]
  • About Last Night... (1986)[Writer]
  • Verdict, The (1982)[Writer]
  • Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1981)[Writer]