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I sense a large amount of non-NPOV here... I think this article needs to be drastically reworked. I'll start by moving a chunk of the text that seems unnecessary to the /talk page, but I think people more experienced than I should try their hand at this article... --KA

moved block:

Defense in the modern world goes beyond 'Oogh',our caveman, and his club beating down tigers. Today defense is a multibillion dollar exploration into the latest, greatest technologies. Defense today, for many Americans, means a fighter jet buzzing overhead, or raining down bombs on 'evilones' oversees. Defense means a gun on the nightstand, a can of mace in the purse, a Club--the popular lock for steering wheels--on their car, a five-sided building with men in pressed pants, decorated with metals, standing over maps, and saving our country from those who wish us harm. Defense has become a 200-plus billion dollar budget allocation to the Armed Forces alone in the United States, not to mention Homeland Security; the FBI, the CIA, the NSC, and the thousands of police departments from New York City, New York, to Proctorville, Ohio.

Defense, though in many senses, has reamined the same; we all need to protect ourselves and those that we value--ou r family, our friends,our neighbors,the citizens of our country-- from the adversity of our enviroment, and the dangerous that surround us. Though defense may have started with Ugh fighting off a tiger --though it likely did not--, the business of defense can no longer be seen as a solo operation: Any real defense is a common defense