Deseret alphabet

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The Deseret alphabet is an alphabet invented in the 19th century by Mormons in Utah for writing English. It was never particularly popular, and fell into disuse soon after its creation.

The idea was to reform the spelling of English so immigrants would find it easier to learn.

Unicode standard 3.1 includes the Deseret alphabet in positions 10400 to 1044F. (Some combinations of operating systems, Web browsers, and installed font sets will not be able to display this table correctly.)

1040066560๐€Long I 1042866600๐จLong I
1040166561๐Long E 1042966601๐ฉLong E
1040266562๐‚Long A 1042A66602๐ชLong A
1040366563๐ƒLong Ah 1042B66603๐ซLong Ah
1040466564๐„Long O 1042C66604๐ฌLong O
1040566565๐…Long Oo 1042D66605๐ญLong Oo
1040666566๐†Short I 1042E66606๐ฎShort I
1040766567๐‡Short E 1042F66607๐ฏShort E
1040866568๐ˆShort A 1043066608๐ฐShort A
1040966569๐‰Short Ah1043166609๐ฑShort Ah
1040A66570๐ŠShort O 1043266610๐ฒShort O
1040B66571๐‹Short Oo1043366611๐ณShort Oo
1040C66572๐ŒAy 1043466612๐ดAy
1040D66573๐Ow 1043566613๐ตOw
1040E66574๐ŽWu 1043666614๐ถWu
1040F66575๐Yee 1043766615๐ทYee
1041066576๐H 1043866616๐ธH
1041166577๐‘Pee 1043966617๐นPee
1041266578๐’Bee 1043A66618๐บBee
1041366579๐“Tee 1043B66619๐ปTee
1041466580๐”Dee 1043C66620๐ผDee
1041566581๐•Chee 1043D66621๐ฝChee
1041666582๐–Jee 1043E66622๐พJee
1041766583๐—Kay 1043F66623๐ฟKay
1041866584๐˜Gay 1044066624๐‘€Gay
1041966585๐™Ef 1044166625๐‘Ef
1041A66586๐šVee 1044266626๐‘‚Vee
1041B66587๐›Eth 1044366627๐‘ƒEth
1041C66588๐œThee 1044466628๐‘„Thee
1041D66589๐Es 1044566629๐‘…Es
1041E66590๐žZee 1044666630๐‘†Zee
1041F66591๐ŸEsh 1044766631๐‘‡Esh
1042066592๐ Zhee 1044866632๐‘ˆZhee
1042166593๐กEr 1044966633๐‘‰Er
1042266594๐ขEl 1044A66634๐‘ŠEl
1042366595๐ฃEm 1044B66635๐‘‹Em
1042466596๐คEn 1044C66636๐‘ŒEn
1042566597๐ฅEng 1044D66637๐‘Eng