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This is a version I have assembled from various sources, printed and web. Needs to be further wikified.

The fact I include this in the Wikipedia does not constitute an endorsement of this System as suitable for any purpose.


My intention is to wikify all of the subsections and move them to sub pages. Like OprgaG, I'm not sure for what purpose this will be suitable, but I think it is a nice overview of the kinds of things that Wikipedia will enventually be full of. So we can wiki these pages, and then watch them magically turn into links over the next 2 years.

An idea: it may be useful when we begin to enter bibliographical information or references to libraries.

(Generalities, 000-099 have been moved to their own page. I intend to move all of these sections. Anyone want to help? We should wiki as many words as we can along the way.)

All moved now. Would someone like to add a small intro about the history of the Dewey decimal system?