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Unrepentant GeekGrrl from Hell.

I've got a lot of random flotsem and jetsem in my head on a wide range of topics - some of it is even factual (grin) One of the biggest things I am trying to contribute to wikipedia is to help interrelate things. Whenever I see a subject that is referred to in 2 ways, I try to make a redirect listing for it or otherwise help to make sure that folks who are looking for somthing don't miss it merely due to vocabulary. For instance, theory of everything and grand unification theory mean the same thing, but I never really thought of it or called it by any thing other than Grand Unification Theory... There are many duplicate entries arising out of this largely semantic issue.

Articles Written or Edited:
This is not meant to be egocentric, I just wanted a place where I could keep track of what I've done.

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I really must say I love the Wiki concept... I've actually been thinking that it would make an excellent personal knowledgebase - some way of storing and interrelating all the little bits of computer trivia, problems and solutions I've run across. Will have to check to see if the code is available...

The code is available. There are lots of different WikiClones available in many different programming languages. But the reason I'm leaving this message is that the Warrant -- Fourth amendment redirect is not helpful. First, there are many countries where warrants are required, but where it has nothing to do wit h the US forth amendment. Second, because the word Warrant has other meanings, and some of those are significant enough to warrant encyclopedia entries. For example Warrant is a central issue in the branch of philosophy called Epistemology. MRC.

Hi, Digital Sorceress. Nice to see another, *ahem* Massachusettsian. :) --DanKeshet

Hello. Sorry, I didn't know you were making the changes right then, I just saw that the pages were there and so moved them. No offense intended. KQ

No offense taken - I just couldn't keep up. For a minute, I thought someone was following me around, undoing my edits *grin* - Seriously though, I am curious about the implications there - I did not realize that subpages are out-of-favor with the powers-that-be *smirk* --DigitalSorceress

Well, they are with some people and not with others. Larry Sanger wrote a couple of essays against them (on Larry Sanger/Columns) that convinced me; before that I hadn't given it much thought at all (not being a philsopher). ;-) Lately he's created a few subpages himself, which is not in conflict with his position on articles, because the subpages he's created aren't articles. I think everyone agrees that they're useful for meta-issues (pages about wikipedia and -pedians, /Talk pages, etc.) Some people think that they impose a hierarchy on information that doesn't always hold true. That's about where it stands. I think debate about them has generally fallen off. --KQ