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The Principia Discordia is explicitly public domain, so feel free to paste swathes of text into Wikipedia. I might do so soon if nobody else has. (Don't take my word for it, please; confirm for yourself that the work is public domain.) -- Bignose

Waahh.  :-) My take would be to link to a few online copies and keep the "swathes" on Wikipedia to a minimum. Discordianism tends to proliferate among the undisciplined, and I'm sure it's going to require frequent pruning on Wikipedia as it is. Cf. the Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense page. In fact, I'm going to add a link to this on the Discordianism and Principia Discordia pages now.

Sure, I wasn't talking about having arbitrary pieces here; but if definitions or encyclopediac material are required, they can be pasted verbatim from PD (assuming I'm correct and it is public-domain) instead of being written from scratch. If the material's there and is appropriate, the effort it would have taken to paraphrase for Wikipedia can be better spent on articles where such public-domain material is not available. -- Bignose