Docklands Light Railway

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The Docklands Light Railway (often shortened to DLR), was conceived as an alternative to extending the London Underground into the redeveloped Docklands area of eastern London.

The fares are comparable to those for the rest of London Transport's Underground lines although it must be noted that return fares on the Docklands Light Railway are priced at twice the single fare. There are no limited-stop trains on the DLR, so each train serves every stop along its route.

Four branches currently exist: to Lewisham in the south, Stratford in the north, Beckton in the east and another leading into Central London (splitting to serve two nearby termini, Bank and Tower Gateway). A new eastbound branch from Canning Town to North (and possibly south) Woolwich is at the planning stage; the second option would require tunnelling under the River Thames.

The type of train used is an automated multiple unit, although there is an attendant on all trains who acts like a guard, controlling the doors, making announcements and checking tickets.