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This article in its current form does not seem very NPOV, and needs addition of other viewpoints... -- The Anome

I agree, except that I think it needs more than just the addition of other viewpoints. NPOV isn't merely a listing of different viewpoints.

(Since we're getting to work on the article, I just removed my rant about the old version.)

"Men, due to their larger size and strength and more aggressive nature, are the perpetrators of most domestic violence." I have removed this sentence pending investigation. I believe that it is not true.

For example, read this:

"For example, veteran domestic violence researchers Richard Gelles, Murray Straus, and Susan Steinmetz, who were once hailed by the women's movement for their pioneering work on violence against women, have repeatedly found that women are just as likely as men to physically attack their spouses or partners."

Since this comes from an editorial, I'm not at all sure whether it is a balanced picture.

Just in case anyone wonders, I have no personal point of view on what the facts are here. I just want to make sure that we present, NPOV, the best avaialable numbers. --Jimbo Wales

Jimbo, your stub is stubbier (but better) than mine. Thanks. Ed Poor

The article I just replaced is this:

Domestic Violence is violence within the family, especially between husband and wife.

In recent years, some commentators have raised questions about the fairness of existing domestic violence laws and the application of those laws, in that although many studies show that female on male violence is common, most prosecutions are for male on female violence. Some view this as due to the strength of the 'feminist' lobby and/or due to vestiges of sexism which causes police and the courts to view females as "weak" and therefore not capable of violence. Others believe it is due to female on male domestic violence being underreported.

As far as I can tell, the article I replaced it with covers all this material, and offers more as well. I plan to add more later -- this is a topic that has impacts in a number of different areas, and needs to be explored in each of those areas to be complete. This is a start at it, and hopefully we can all build on it. The article I just put up needs a bit of polish, and may benefit from some better organization of the sections, as well as the addition of other sections. --Blain

Whoever made the change: great job! This is much better now, and provides a good framework for future expansion and improvement.