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Dublin is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Ireland.

It was founded by the Vikings in the 10th century. After the 12 century Norman conquest of half of Ireland (Munster and Leinster) Dublin became the centre of English power in Ireland. Over time however the Norman conquorers were absorbed into the Irish culture, adopting the Irish language and customs, leaving a small area around Dublin called the Pale under English control. By the beginning of the 18th century the English had re-established control and applied the harsh Penal Laws on the largly Catholic population. In Dublin however the Protestant ascendency were thriving with the help of their local Irish Parliment and it was during this period that much of the great Georgian buildings of Dublin were built. In 1801 under the Act of Union, Ireland lost this local parliment and with it much of its wealth and influence. In 1916 the British crushed a nationalist rebellion in the city but by 1921 Independence had been won and Dublin once again became a capital city and the seat of Ireland's parliment.

Areas of Dublin City: