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Dinna fash yerself, Dweir :) (Learned that from Oor Wullie comics my Scottish granny always used to give me for Xmas!) The beauty of Wikipedia is that it makes fumbles easy to fix. -- Paul Drye

Hmm - well, I've tried it again and I got the same error. Now we're back to charles I! -- Dweir.

Try putting the text you want added on the History of Scotland/talk page and I'll have a go at adding it myself. If it craps out then, we know we have a larger problem. If not, we know that Wikipedia just hates *you*.... -- Paul Drye

I think Oor Wullie deserves a page of his own. My grandmother gave me Oor Wullie annuals every Christmas, despite me being a very middle-class Londoner. I later found out that her husband was Scots. Maybe she was trying to tell me something... -- RobertBrook

Don't forget The Broons. And I sure could go a cow pie right about now... wait, I'm vegetarian. Still, a Desperate Dan article wouldn't go amiss --Dweir

Just found the page on Vegetarianism! (Same here, by the way.) -- RB