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discussion which lead to moving the entry to Eastern Orthodoxy:

This nomenclature is not what has been developing on Wikipedia, nor is it the common nomenclature in real life. The Orthodox of my acquaintance tend to say 'The Orthodox'. If we used 'Orthodox Christianity for this group (and under the rules of NPOV we have to consider the churches and denominations 'groups') the group currently entered under Catholicism should be [Catholic Christianity], and instead of Protestantism we should have [Protestant Christianity]. If someone had written this article at [Eastern Orthodoxy] it would have lit up lots and lots of links. I, too, think that Eastern Orthodoxy is an inadequate name, but then so are most of the religious group names. Sorry about that. This should be an umbrella entry anyway, to be followed by entries for Russian Orthodox Church, etc., etc. I'm still drinking coffee or I'd move this myself. I may do so later. --MichaelTinkler.

I agree. To be consistent with existing nomenclature, the main article should probably be at Eastern Orthodoxy, with redirects from Orthodox Christianity and Eastern Orthodox Christianity to activate lots of existing links.
I've been thinking about starting this article for a little while now; I'm glad someone else got the ball rolling. Would it be appropriate to include external links to the main home pages of each of the major Orthodox jurisdictions, i.e. Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, etc.? Should Russian Orthdoxy and similar topics redirect here, or have a stub entry with a See Also that points here? Thanks. --Wesley

Terms describing the various religious divisions tend to be loaded, often distinguishing between us and them, valid and invalid.

Us-them Examples:

  • Christian - Heathen
  • Muslim - Infidel

Valid-invalid examples:

  • Christian - Cult
  • Christian - Catholic (Note: this may belong more to us-them)
  • Catholic - Protestant (Note: this may belong more to us-them)
Satirized on www.onion.com as Catholic - Hellbound :-)

--Ed Poor

Are you suggesting this article includes some loaded terms that should be revised? I'm not saying it doesn't, because I haven't read the article while looking for that sort of thing. --Wesley

I think the term "Eastern Orthodox", while obiviously loaded (orthodox meaning right belief after all), is so widely used (both by them and by non-Orthodox Christians and by non-Christians even) that it really doesn't cause a problem. Orthodox in this context has over time changed its meaning from "those who have the right belief" to "those who believe what the Eastern Chalcedonian church believes". It has lost its inherent bias by the force of centuries -- SJK

Of course it would be handy if this were a better article. since no one seems to mind (though the author hasn't weighed in), I'll move it. --MichaelTinkler.

Sorry about that clash, whoever that was. I've moved it now! --MichaelTinkler.

I'm going to add an outline at the top to hint at future expansion, and possibly slight reorginization of what's already there. The trick is going to be not to duplicate too much of what is already at History of Christianity, Christianity and related pages. Suggestions for organization and subtopics are very welcome. --Wesley

On the questions at the bottom:

Calendar - it's probably worth a whole paragraph on its own here.
Liturgy - of course it'll come up, but it needs separate entries - Liturgy of St. John Chrsostomos, Liturgy of St. Basil, Liturgical languages in Orthodoxy, etc., etc.