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I cut a few categories as they seem to better fall as subcategories, e.g. I did not understand why testing was separated from "standardized testing" already at this level. Same with "tax credit" vs. "policy". Nevertheless, I did not cut anything that has already had a link.

Pleaese review. I do not claim this is the ultimate right division. Just a wee more understandable to me.

I'm not sure what to call the idea of formal catechesis - it must be under 'Formal Education', but what's the name? I thought about: [Religious education|Catechetical and Denominational Education] {I'm using one square bracket intentionally}. This is (a) different from most of those categories of formal education but (b) incredibly important - just think of the number of literacy classes that are purely aimed at Scripture/Koran reading.

Probably Religious education could fall into a category (it is a matter of content, not a matter of system)? As for Early reading instruction, I though Early instruction is more general and indeed worth separating (esp. that this section is not overpopulated