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Hi there.

I'm Ted. I was born on August 22nd, 1979. I went to the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in "lovely" Terre Haute, Indiana. I tend to edit pages very sporadically, usually only when I for one reason or another think the page tends toward large amounts of falsehood. Such editing is typically of CS'y pages, such as Lisp and the like.

My home page: http://oconnor.cx/



Hi Ted! Nice to see you here. Welcome to Wikipedia! --LMS

Hi Larry. Thanks! Happy to be here.

Ted officially rocks by the way. -H

Begorra Ed !! Sorry to see an alterate future. Bono anyone ?

Ed, do you think it would be possible to integrate your TeX hack with the wiki code so that one could type $\int_0^x t^2 dt$ and get an integral right away, in png produced by TeX? --AxelBoldt

Possible? Yes. Going to happen? No. There are just way too many security issues that arise when we let the wiki software evaluate arbitrary code.
With "arbitrary code" you mean "arbitrary (La)TeX" code? If so, are there really any dangerous TeX commands? Can you access the file system from withing TeX? --AxelBoldt
Yes, yes, and yes.
Ok, I wasn't aware of that. \openout seems to be the problem. I just found a discussion of the very issue at http://math.albany.edu:8800/hm/emj/1995/msg00125.html. But I wonder if running the TeX interpreter under some nobody user in a tmp directory, using chroot(1) so that it can't see anything outside the sandbox, wouldn't solve the problem. Or can you also execute programs from within TeX, or access the net? --AxelBoldt