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Hi there.

If you're like me, you'd like to be able to use TeX or LaTeX formulas in your Wikipedia articles. Taw requested something like this, and I thought the idea was pretty neat, so I went ahead and hacked something up over the weekend. Jimmy and Larry thought it was pretty neat, so here we go.

Here's the idea: Append your TeX or LaTeX source to this page. Every day, I'll run through this page and make PNGs. I'll change your entry here into an IMG tag you can then place in the appropriate article.

Please confine crazy (La)TeX-formatted stuff to math formulas and the like.

Example: Consider the Y combinator. (OK, so this is a bad example because you could do this with straight up HTML. Forgive my lack of imagination. Alternately, forgive my morbid fascination with Y.) In TeX, I can write it like so:
\lambda x((\lambda y.x(yy))\lambda y.x(yy))
But boy, does that look lame here.
So I say abracadabra and we get this instead:
The HTML to include this looks like this:
<img src="http colon //www.wikipedia.com/images/tex/100502924801.png" alt="\lambda x ((\lambda y.x(yy))\lambda y.x(yy))">
Pretty cool, don't you think?

Is your software capable of rendering the equations a bit smaller for inline equations?

Yeah, sure. In the above image, the mag level is 200%. Whatever you'd like is OK. Default is no magnification.

Anyway, please add your requests here:

TeX or LaTeXIMG tag from Ted