Edward VI of England

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Edward VI King of England (1547)-(1553)

Certainly the least influential of the Tudors Edward VI's short reign was dominated by his advisors. The son of Jane Seymour, Edward's father Henry VIII, was delighted by his birth. Henry had long hoped for a male heir, but the boy turned out to be sickly and he was not expected to have a long life leading Henry to continue to try for annother heir.

When Edward came to the throne at age nine his uncle Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, became regent consigning the boy to a purely ceremonial role. The story of Edward's reign is that of a number of nobles attempting to take over as Lord Protector. Most failed, but eventually the Dudley, Earl of Northumberland succeeded in deposing the Duke of Sumerset and took over running the nation.

Soon after, however, Edward died. This lead to a conflict of succession between the Duke of Northumberland who supported Lady Jane Grey, and Mary, which Mary eventually won.