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Eindhoven is located in the province of Noord-Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. The Dommel, a small river, runs through it. The city has five districts: Gestel, Stratum, Tongelre, Woensel and Meerhoven.

Eindhoven has grown from a little village in 1900 to the fifth largest city in the Netherlands with slightly over 200,000 inhabitants in 2001. Much of its growth is due to Philips and DAF. Today, Eindhoven serves as a focal point of technology in the south of the Netherlands.

The students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and a number of undergraduate schools give Eindhoven a young population.

A prime example of the industrial heritage of Eindhoven is the renovated Witte Dame, formerly a Philips factory, that currently houses the municipal library, the Design Academy and a selection of shops. Across the street from the Witte Dame is the first lamp factory of Philips. The building has been turned into a museum detailing the history of that company.

Eindhoven has a lively cultural scene. For going out, there are numerous bars on the Market square, the Stratumseind, the Dommelstraat, the Wilhelmina square and throughout the rest of the city. During spring and summer, Eindhoven houses the Fiësta del Sol and the Virus Festival.

During Carnaval, Eindhoven is renamed to Lampegat (Little Lamp Place).

The city of Eindhoven on the Internet: http://www.eindhoven.nl