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Elblag is a city in Poland. From its founding in 1237 until 1945 it was known to English-speakers as Elbing.

Elbing was founded in 1237 by North German tradesmen near the Prussian emporium of Truso. Truso was the first city in Prussia and was on the direct route of the Gotland traders and of the later Vikings. Truso and Elblag are situated at the ancient Amber Road, in Pomesania. In 1241 it received Luebeck Law city rights, unlike many other cities in Eastern Europe, which received Magdeburg Law city rights.

Elbing, Gdansk, and Torun were leading cities in the Hanseatic League. They were also the leading cities in forming the Prussian Confederation.

After the Potsdam Conference in 1945, Elblag was put under Soviet and Polish occupation administration until a peace treaty. The city's German-speaking inhabitants were expelled.