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it is still an advantage to have page titles in singular, for example when you write about Greenpeace and want to mention that it is ... "an ((environmental organization))"

may I suggest you distinguish governmental or intergovernmental organizations (e.g. the IPCC) from non-governmental ones (e.g. Greenpeace). Then maybe the US EPA or the European Environment Agency could go here. -- Simon J Kissane

FWIW I agree with the above.

I moved the many external links in this "article" (right now, it's just a list of links) to a "Links" section. We will probably want Wikipedia articles on several of those--eventually, maybe all of them!

Obviously, some anti-environmentalist organizations should be listed as well. --LMS

What do you mean by anti-environmentalist organizations? Oil and chemical companies and various governments spring to mind, but I guess you have something else on your mind. --Pinkunicorn