Episcopal Church

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Episcopal Church is the name used in some countries to refer to the Anglican Church. Members of Episcopal Churches are called Episcopalians.

The Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA) (http://www.ecusa.anglican.org/) is a constituent member of the Anglican Communion and is the provincial authority for the United States.

The Episcopal Church of Scotland was formed in the 17th century when the official Established Church of Scotland adopted Presbyterianism. The two names distinguish their organizational structures: the Presbyterian Church is ruled on elected Elders (Greek, presbyteroi) while the Episcopal Church of Scotland is ruled by bishops (Greek, episcopoi, literally translated "overseer").

"The Episcopal Church has a long tradition, and over that time has inherited, created, or retained many words that might not be familiar... These special terms, though confusing at first, are part of [the church's] rich heritage." 1 See 1 for a relatively complete reference to Episcopal vocabulary.

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