Erdem Tüzün

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Erdem Tüzün was born in Istanbul on 1971. He is a physician with expertise in neurology and is currently working in University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, USA. In neurology, his research interests are autoimmune diseases of peripheral [nerve] and neuromuscular junction (particularly [myasthenia gravis] and [neuromyotonia]) and new techniques in electromyography / nerve conduction studies. He has studied in Oxford University as an academic visitor to perform a research project about the involvement of antibodies to central nervous system antigens in central nervous system disorders. His major contributions are demonstration of antibodies against voltage-gated potassium channels in some patients with limbic encephalitis, identification of the autoimmune etiology of neuromyotonia and demonstration of autoantibodies against thalamic structures as a causal factor for Morvan's syndrome and application of F tacheodispersion method in diabetes mellitus patients with subclinical neuropathy for early diagnosis.

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