Ernest Hemingway

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American author Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois; died July 2, 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho.


For information on Hemingway only, you might skip the sections on Frederic Henry and Robert Jordan. For a quick read, you can start at /Young and Innocent

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Grace Under Pressure
Death and Violence in Ernest Hemingway's Life and Work

1. Introduction

Death and violence were the two great constants in Hemingway's troubled, chaotic life. As an infant, he joined his father on hunting trips. At ten, he got his first shotgun. Fifty-one years later, he used a gun to kill himself. In the meantime, he had hurt many and many had hurt him. He was a tough, strong man with strong principles.

Hemingway "believed that life was a tragedy and knew it could only have one end", yet he was blessed with talent and drive. That may have made it harder for him to admit his failures and correct them.

Books and Beyond

/Famous at Twenty-Five Thirty a Master

/From Boy to Man Hemingways First World War

/From Reality to Fiction A Farewell to Arms

/The Time in Between

/Spain in Flames

/For Whom the Bell Tolls

Robert Jordan and Frederic Henry: Two Facets of Hemingway

/Frederic Henry

Catherine: A vehicle for the women in Hemingway?s life

/Robert Jordan

Hemingway Up Close and Personal

/Young and Innocent

/Things Turn Sour

/The Endless Dark Nothingness

/Sure Shots The Second World War

/The Downward Spiral


/Violence and Redemption

/Why It Went Wrong



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