Estonia disaster

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The Estonia was a car ferry bound from the Baltic port of Tallinn, Estonia to the Swedish city of Stockholm, on September 27, 1994. The ship was carrying 989 persons, including passengers and crew.

The weather conditions were not ideal. At approximately 1am on September 28th, somewhere to the southeast of Utö Island, the Estonia began taking on water. Enough water accumulated in the Car Deck of the ferry to destroy the stability of the vessel and capsize it. The last radar contact with the Estonia was at approximately 2:04 am.

Helicopters arrived on the site a couple of hours later. 137 passengers and crew were rescued. 95 bodies were recovered, leaving 757 souls unaccounted for.

The location of the hulk is: 59° 23' N 21° 42' E, about 22 nautical miles on bearing 157° from Finland's Utö island.