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Domain Eubacteria is one of the three clades into which Earth's biological life is divided in modern taxonomy. Eubacteria share many characteristics of Domain Archaea, and these two domains together are collectively known as prokaryotes.

Most eubacteria are gram positive, and they are generally less structurally complex than other bacteria. There are both photosynthetic and chemoheterotrophic members of this group, the majority being chemoheterotrophic. Many of these bacteria are suited to survive harsh conditions because they produce endospores.

The members of Domain Eubacteria are divided into phyla as follows:

-Thermus-Deinococcus group
-Leptospirillum group
-Chlorobium-Flavobacteria group
Chlamydia-Verrucomicrobia groupVerrucomicrobia
-Fibrobacter group
Proteobacteriaalpha Proteobacteria
beta Proteobacteria
delta & epsilon Proteobacteria
gamma Proteobacteria